President's Message

Mary Kay Martinez, AFP San Antonio and South Texas President
“Oh, Mary Kay, you know you always feel better after a party!”
Years ago, (only 16 years ago people!) I was getting ready to go a “work” party and was having second thoughts about going.  I had taken a job on a political campaign in deep South Texas.  On the day of the party, temperatures hit 107.  The “work” party was to be on the patio of the host’s home.  Have I mentioned the temperature was 107?  My brother and I joked about me being at Exit 1 of Interstate 35.  (This was funny to us since we had grown up in California and in Texas where you never really ever see “exit 1” on the highways.)  In those days, too, we still wore pantyhose to work – even with summer dresses and sandals!  (I know, right?!?!).  So, I sat at my desk and said to myself, “I’ve done even more than my full day of work .  No way am I going to this party.  Someone else is going from the office, too.  I don’t need to be there.  Why am I here?  Why is it so hot?”  And then it happened.  Clear as a bell.  My mother’s voice in my head.  “Oh, Mary Kay, you know you always feel better after a party!”  
My mom was as right about things then as she is about so many other things now.  I met my sweet and awesome husband at that party.  (I thought we were networking....everyone agrees I was not so smart then! Ha!)  And, we did good work for the campaign and the community.  
I hope you will plan on our Summer Social this year.  The event team has lined up a fantastic venue – the Scobee Planetarium at San Antonio College!  After all these years in San Antonio, I’ve actually not ever been to the planetarium and am super excited to get this chance.  
About now you are thinking, “why is she telling me this and what has this to do with fundraising?”
Here’s the answer:  Being a member of a professional fundraising community is about learning how to be an even better professional fundraiser from peers and from teachers.  It’s also about being with each other for fun!  I know it’s “one more thing to put on the calendar”….and it’s hot, and it’s not close to my work or my house, and I hate having to find parking, and I really need to finish this project or that project or the project that will come tomorrow or the other projects that are looming.  But think about this:  you can balance your work/life with our summer social.  And, you might just feel better after some fun!
Thank you for your membership in AFP San Antonio & South Texas!  I hope you are as proud of our chapter as I am.
Happy Summer!
Mary Kay    



AFP SA & STX Mini Conference -- September 20th
San Antonio College Nursing & Allied Health Building, 2nd Floor
Did you miss ICON? Don't miss this opportunity to refresh your skills & your enthusiasm; hear from local experts on a variety of topics relating to the fundraising & non-profit environment in San Antonio, including but not limited to:
In the Mind of a Major Donor
Crafting your Story
Digital Communication
Board Engagement
Donor Stewardship


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