President's Message

We live in a great country!
Each day (okay, it’s really each hour or less!) we can find a talking head or a wonky policy person talking about what’s wrong with the United States. I might sound “Pollyanna” but…wait for it…are you ready for it? We live in a great country!
The list of reasons why our country is great is so long…and some of the things I am grateful for this year include our national parks, our public education system, our highway system, our all-volunteer amazing military and their families, our science and technology inventions, our churches, our colleges and universities, our neighborhoods, our sports teams, our industries – cars, movies, computers, etc., and our philanthropy. I’m thankful we get to vote. I’m thankful we get to speak up and out about just about anything. I’m thankful we get to travel. I’m thankful we get to learn. I’m thankful we get to build things. I’m thankful we get to help ourselves and others. I’m so very thankful we get to work in meaningful jobs. America is messy. But, it’s ours. This Thanksgiving Day, I will continue to give thanks for all things – those perfect and imperfect.
Speaking of “messy but ours”….our AFP chapter continues to grow and evolve and we need you to help us know to where you need us to grow and evolve. Your feedback on the chapter survey has helped us connect our strategic plan with strategic action. Derek Mulhern, AFP Global Chapter Development Director, will be here on November 14th to facilitate our chapter’s next strategic steps. You are welcome to attend the session – it’s an open ideas area for all of us!
As we move toward the end of the calendar year, I hope you will consider three action opportunities:
1.     Helping us maximize our chapter’s challenge gift in support for the chapter’s local campaign. We’ve received a challenge for our local chapter campaign for support of local scholarships and operations. For every $1 contributed, we get an additional $.50. No gift is too big or too small. Gifts to the local chapter campaign help us bring professional fundraising education and ethics and fundraising networking to our city and region. Thank you for considering this important local campaign where our funds stay here for us to use and teach fundraising. Click here to help.
2.     If you are thankful for a special donor or organization in the life of your work, I hope you will consider submitting a National Philanthropy Day nomination. A nomination can help your stewardship of donors at your own organization and can help us all celebrate the philanthropic love happening in our city.
3.     Serving on next year’s board. I like to joke (it’s not really a joke) that everything I learned in fundraising has been from a mistake! Serving on our AFP Board can be a great learning experience and a great modeling of professional fundraising service to our chapter. Please consider serving – we need you! Application Form.
Thank you so very much for your service to so many.
Mary Kay Martinez, CFRE
Chapter President, 2019
The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Foundation


Your AFP San Antonio Chapter Needs YOU!

Nominations for 2020 National Philanthropy Day Awards are being accepted in the following categories:
  • Outstanding Philanthropist(s)
  • Outstanding Foundation
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Small Corporation (fewer than 100 employees)
  • Outstanding Service Organization
  • Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy
  • Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser
  • Outstanding Fundraising Professional
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Media Corporation or Personality

Click here for Nomination Forms.

Deadline has been extended to November 30, 2019.


Applications to serve on the 2020 AFP San Antonio & South Texas Board of Directors are due November 22, 2019.

Click here for application and instructions.


The Chapter Annual Campaign is underway and we have a MATCH! A generous anonymous donor has agreed to match .50 of every dollar you give in
this campaign up to $2,500.

Some of the items your support will enable our Chapter to provide include:

· Obtaining venues for monthly membership meetings,
· Website development and maintenance,
· Mentorships and scholarships,
· Trainings and webinars,
· Summer Socials and other networking opportunities.


AFP San Antonio Monthly Programming


Details about our December Holiday Special are coming soon!

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