Scholarship Program

Click here to view AFP San Antonio's list of 2020 grant recipients!

Members of AFP San Antonio (and non-members for membership category only) are eligible to receive scholarships and awards to assist in their professional development, enhance their fundraising skills, and to serve their organizations with increased commitment to our profession. All stages of professional development are supported through the Scholarship Program.

Types of scholarships/awards available:

Membership Grants:

Membership – Young Professional (2 awards available ($95 each) ): for one year national and local membership

Membership – Professional (3 partial awards of national dues ($280 each) ): for one year national membership. Local dues of $50 are required and not included.

COVID19 Economic Impact Membership Grant: (6 awards available for any membership category): for one year full membership. Must demonstrate negative economic impact from COVID19 Pandemic.

Education Scholarships:

Local Education Conference Scholarship (6 awards available): to attend the September 17 and 18, 2020, New Realities – New Strategies, 2020 Virtual Education Conference.

Local Chapter Meeting/Education Programs (2 sets of 4 workshops/chapter meetings as available for the remaining program year).

Jay Ribble Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) Test Scholarship: one award to be used for the CFRE test; must be used within one year of award.